Shanghai Disney Tips and Experience

It's been 6 months since my trip to China and I still can't thinking about it. Spending 3 weeks in China was an amazing experience from climbing the Great Wall to cruising down Li river. It was an unforgettable trip and experience. This was actually my second trip to China but definitely not my last. At the end of the trip I went back to one of my favorite places, Shanghai Disney. Both times I visited Shanghai Disneyland, I bought a seasonal pass. If you are visiting for more than 3 days it might be worth it for you to buy the seasonal pass which also includes hotel, food, and merchandise discounts. It feels like a home away from my home of Disney World. It is one of my top favorite parks in the world because it has 2 of my favorite rides ever, Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney announced that they are building the Tron ride in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World which is super exciting! If only Disney World could get the Shanghai Disneyland's version of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is seriously the coolest ride ever. Shanghai Disney opened in 2016 so its basically brand new. Despite there being crazy long lines for all the rides, I still managed to not wait longer than 45 minutes for any ride with using fastpasses. Disney designed this park with crowds in mind because the walkways are so wide and spacious.  

My biggest tip if you are going to Shanghai Disney is to stay on property at one of the 2 beautiful resorts. The biggest perk of staying on property is a separate entrance to the parks in the morning that lets you in early. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this is. The bus takes you to a back entrance through Disneytown and you don't have to wait in the long lines at the main park gate. The first time I visited Shanghai Disney before they had this perk, I would wait at main gate for almost 30-45 minutes after park opening because the lines were so long to get in. Both times I've visited I stayed at the Toy Story Hotel which is so cute! It is so well done and is a quick Disney bus ride away from Shanghai Disneyland park. 

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