New Lilly Agenda + tips

Yay! It's finally August 1st which means today is the 1st day of using my new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda! This year I decided to downsize to the small agenda because I really didn't need all the space the large one had to offer! It took me a few weeks to decide which print I want because all of them are so cute! This year I went with Jellies Be Jammin and I couldn't be happier! I ended up buying it on National Wear Your Lilly Day because it came with a necklace gift with purchase. 

Tip #1
Write It Down
If you are like me I have to write it down or say it to remember it.

Cross It Off
For me it really helps me when I cross it off or highlight it whenever I am done.

Write study reminders
If you have a test on Monday, write down "Study For Test" on Friday or the weekend because if I don't I will get to class on Monday and not know there is a test.

Write down what makes you happy or lifts you up
During the middle of the school year or just life in general can get very hectic and overwhelming so write down a motivational quote or a bible verse to help you realize its going to be okay. It helps me put things into perspective and realize I have nothing to worry or stress about!
My go to verse to write down is 
"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." ~1 Peter 5:7

Thanks so much for reading! xo, Gracie

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