Prepping For Fall

Hey ya'll! My favorite season of fashion, Fall, is almost here! I am so excited to start wearing Boots, Vests, and Sweaters! I live in the South so it's still pretty hot here, but I am just so excited for fall that I had to share this with ya'll! These are some of the clothes that I wore the most last year! I also just got a pair of Frye Melissa Button Boots in Cognac that I'm super excited to wear this year along with a new vest from Gap! If any of my readers are petite like me (I'm 5'1) cropped jeans from Old navy work great with my height! Another reason why I'm so excited for Fall is Fall is when I can start layering with Collared Shirts, Sweaters, and Vests. Layering is defiantly a great way to look put together!
What are your Fall Fashion Favorites? 

Thanks so much for reading!

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