Do's + Don'ts of The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (formerly known as The New Year Cheers Sale) starts tomorrow! Yay! It will run from January 5th through January 6th. It starts at 8am ET so make sure to set your alarm if you are a late sleeper like me. There are only 2 online sales a year for Lilly Pulitzer so this is a rare time to get it on sale online. The sale really does have great deals and is definitely worth it. You can find my haul from the last sale here and I have all the prices of the items posted also. The best time to shop these sales is within the first 10 minutes because things will sell out FAST!

DO make an account today and put all your information in it so you're ready to go tomorrow morning

DON'T forget to have your credit card security code out and ready for checkout

DO check out in multiple orders because things will sell out fast

DON'T worry if the site goes down because it has happened in the past and it will be okay

DO research the previous Lilly collections to see what you like and should look for first

DON'T forget that this is just a sale and it's not the end of the world if you don't get everything on your list

DO check back later during the sale because they sometimes will add special items like a Mystery Murfee

DON'T go above your budget, set one and stick to it

DO shop from multiple devices

Thanks so much for reading!

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