Pretty Reads

Hi everyone! 
I've always been a book lover and can read a book in less than a day! Coffee table books have recently become something I've been collecting. I love their beautiful covers and reading books about about fashion, food, and lifestyle. I think I get my love of decorating from my mom and grandma who always are perfecting our home decor. I don't have a coffee table in my room but you don't need one to be able to display these books. I have shelves over my desk that need some personality and love and I think these pretty reads will be perfect! Filling them up with pretty reads, travel knick knacks, Disney memorabilia, and desk pretties will make it feel more complete and organized. I've found some coffee table books that I would love to read and are adorable. 


  1. Just spent the last little bit looking over your blog - so cute! I'm updating my blog right now, if you get a chance stop by! I've added you to my blog reader!

  2. I have been obsessed with coffee table books! Kate Spade has the cutest!