The Ultimate Guide to Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

It's the most exciting shopping time of the year! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has been announced and it starts on Monday August 22 at 8 am sharp. It runs for 2 days and ends on Tuesday August 23 at 11:59 pm ET. Lilly only goes on sale 2 times a year, in January and August. I absolutely love this sale and am so excited to see what deals it has this year! If you want to see my hauls with prices from past sales click Here and Here and Here. I've shopped the sale the past 3 years so I've learned a few helpful tips and tricks to successfully shopping the sale.

Create and Update Lilly Account 
It's important to have an account with all your information linked so you don't have to waste precious time during the sale. Make sure all your info like your address and credit card number are up to date. Keep in mind you will still need your credit card out to type your security code when you are checking out. The website will be down the morning it starts so make sure you check you account before then and sign in on the devices you will be using in advance.

Make a Wishlist
The sale can often be very overwhelming especially in the first few minutes so it's crucial to know what you want beforehand. I love to make a Pinterest Board with everything that I would want from the sale. Most items are from the Resort, Spring, and Summer lines so I recommend going to Lilly Pulitzer's Pinterest Board to find the items since they are no longer on the website. If you have one thing that you have to have, make sure you buy that 1st as things can evaporate from your cart if they sell out.

Set a Budget
Set a budget and stick to it! The sale is full of amazing markdowns but it's important not to go too crazy. Keep in mind that everything is final sale.

Arrive Early and Patiently Wait in the Virtual Line
The sale starts right at 8 am ET so don't be late. I typically pull up at around 7:40 and then start the refreshing game. The virtual line starts at 8 am. Last year I refreshed at exactly 8 am and had to wait in line for 25 minutes. It's stressful to have to wait but be patient, there will still be awesome sales when you get on the site. Remember that many things will sell out that morning so it's best to shop the sale as early as possible.

Shop on Multiple Devices
Using many devices to shop the sale is a good strategy to get into the sale earlier. For example I typically use my desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone during the sale and usually have one that has a shorter wait time based on when it refreshed. Once you check out with your items you are placed at the end of the virtual line if you want to shop again. So if you have multiple devices in line, you can check out more times without waiting as long. Another great tip is to get the Lilly Pulitzer App and shop from it.

Filter by Size
To save time during the sale, filter by size so you know exactly what is left in your size. If you don't know what size you are, I would recommend going on the Lilly website now and using their True Fit sizing tool.

Shop in Retail Stores and Signature Stores
Lilly Pulitzer corporate retail stores have the same exact sale so if you have one near you it's a great place to find pieces that sold out quickly online. Most Lilly Pulitzer signature stores will have a great sale if not match the online sale prices. I've seen a few instances where the signature store had a better sale than the Lilly website so it's good to check. 

Happy Shopping!
Thanks so much for reading!

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